Leadership Development Through Sport

This suite of programs is designed to support coaches, athletes, sport communicators, and sport administrators in developing a values based approach to sport participation, delivery, support and promotion.


  • Discovering your Leadership through Sport
  • Developing your Leadership through Sport
  • Coaching Leadership through Sport
  • From Sport Leadership to Community Leadership
  • Promoting Values Based Sport
  • Supporting Values Based Sport
  • Women in Sport
  • Sport and Society

Courses are offered via a variety of delivery platforms including blended (on campus and online), on location (at a convenient sport venue near you), online interactive, webinar/podcast.

Courses are offered in a variety of formats including 1-3 day workshops, weekend workshops, series of seminars/webinars, not for credit courses of 3-9 weeks, credit courses of 3-9 weeks.

Courses can ladder into




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