Values Focused Action for Social Innovation

Our world, more than ever perhaps, needs innovative strategies for achieving sustainable ‘triple bottom line’ growth. We are coming to appreciate that the innovation the world needs is not simply ‘creative’ or ‘out of the box’; our innovations must be systemic, holistic, complex and multifaceted yet still elegant and sustainable. Truly what is called for is an evolution in thinking that moves us past command and control strategies to a values based decision making framework.

Measuring Performance in the Workplace

In this time of labour shortages and high demands, many companies are aiming to perform more efficiently with less or perform at
a higher level with the same resources.

Drilling Down and Whysing Up

The organizational communication systems with which we work can be configured to promote collaboration, reflection, and experimentation – key elements of an organizational culture that result in innovation, learning and high performance.

Keynotes and Motivational Speaking

If you are ready for new ideas… Dr. Jennifer Walinga has presented at a number of conferences and events internationally on her research as well as her professional and athletic experiences. She is happy to speak on a wide range of topics including positive change, values based leadership, optimal performance and the power of innovative thinking.

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