Blog Post: Leadership through Sport: Competing with, not against

Marc Gasol consoles Joel Embiid after game 7 in the Raptors/76ers series and shows his class, grace, and leadership in modeling the true value of sport. These guys play with each other season after season. I say ‘with’ because one is always competing with, not against, in sport. Athletic competition is collaborative – without your opponent, there is no game, there is no challenge, there is no excellence. It’s for excellence that we all strive. I noticed that consoling his competitor was one of the…

Blog Post: Winning with Integrity

The picture above was part of a celebratory article on a youth lacrosse coach upon retirement. One of his former athletes wrote fondly of this coach’s tendency to ‘break people down’ and how while he at first rejected this approach, he learned that ‘he needed it’. I disagree. Somehow we have normalized violence in sport. We call violence ‘passion.’ We think violence is ‘natural’ to the human experience and must be ‘released’, a Freudian theoretical principle that anger released is anger spent. Anthropologists Desmond Morris…

Blog Post: Taking the Lead on Safe Sport

I’m calling on Canada to take the lead on Good, Safe, Clean and True sport. Canada is best positioned, as a world moral leader (albeit shaky of late), to take the lead on good sport. Winning can only come with integrity. It’s the Canadian Way. As a professor and research in communication, I believe that leadership is communication and communication is crucial to leading change in the area of safe and good sport. It is one thing to say we believe in integrity in sport,…

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Dr. Jennifer Walinga will be presenting research at various conferences this year including: Building a Thriving Culture: Values, Resilience, and Tolerance for Ambiguity Surrey School District Whistler May 2020 Winning Better: Culture, Communication, and Leadership Development for Performance in Sport IAFOR Conference – Honolulu Jan 2020 Creative Problem Solving Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver Vancouver Sept 2019 Communicating with Purpose and Professionalism BC Hydro Vancouver August 2019 Building Cultural Alignment and Leveraging Diversity Geological Survey of Canada – Pacific – Vancouver/Sidney July 2019 Building a…


Dr. Jennifer Walinga offers facilitation for a variety of team or organizational goals including Change, Decision Making, Strategic Planning, Team Development, Collaboration, Communication, Culture, Engagement

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If you are ready to optimize your performance…”Coach Jen” has worked with individuals, teams (both athletic and organizational), and organizations to help them penetrate barriers and achieve their goals.

The Corporate Athlete

If you are ready to take it up a notch … and realize the Corporate Athlete within, in this special suite of services, Integrated Focus Consulting offers a unique series of workshops, keynotes, courses and experiential learning sessions that highlight the values and principles sport can teach individuals, teams and organizations.

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If you are ready to solve tough problems… an integrated organizational strategy requires an integrated strategic framework. In Problem Solving and Decision Making Frameworks, you will learn decision making processes that help you to achieve ethical, systemic, sustainable and creative outcomes.

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If you are ready to navigate the whitewater of change…Join Integrated Focus in Managing Change to access and maximize the creative tools, energy, and skills you possess to generate productive and sustainable change management solutions for yourself, your team and your organization

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If you are ready to balance work and life… and are ready to get more out of both, join us for our 1 or 2 day intensive Energy Management Programs. It’s time to think differently about work/life balance. After all, work is life too!

Discovering Your Leadership

If you are ready to lead from your strengths … in this session, Olympic rower Dr. Jennifer Walinga will demonstrate how productive the leadership/sport metaphor can be for personal and team development, and optimal performance.

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If you are ready to foster optimal performance… Performance Coaching enables participants to explore their individual philosophy of leadership coaching, and practice coaching skills with others.

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If you are ready to collaborate, communicate and connect … Learn how to find strength in diversity by applying key frameworks and achieving key team competencies including: clarity of purpose, connection to core values, commitment to collaborative process, and increased confidence and capacity to achieve team goals.

Communication Challenges in the Workplace

If you are ready for optimal organizational performance … join Dr. Jennifer Walinga for Addressing Communication Challenges in the Workplace: Drilling Down and Whysing Up. Effective Organizational Communication demands creative and integrated workplace communication channels, planning, and messaging. Next offering Feb 20 Royal Roads University

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If you are ready to make an impact… writing, speaking, and presentation skills have the power to engage, move, and transform an audience. Communicating with Clarity and Impact: Professional Writing, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills custom courses offered at your organization or through the contract training department at Royal Roads University, Victoria BC

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If you have always understood that optimal performance demands creativity, innovation, and insight join Dr. Jennifer Walinga of Royal Roads University and Integrated Focus Consulting for Creativity and Problem Solving: Getting Everyone Out of the Box

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Unlocking Creative Insight

The purpose of this research was to develop a model for how individuals unlock creative insight. Creative problem solving (CPS) is inherent to effective decision making, innovation, and organizational development tasks but insight, innovation and creativity remain intangible concepts.

The Power of Sport: Values Education for Social Capacity

Walinga speaks about the values sport can teach and researches the ways that values can be taught, distilled and translated into human and social capital.

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