Problem Solving and Decision Making

If you are ready to solve tough problems…

An integrated organizational strategy requires an integrated strategic framework. Any decision is the product of a problem solving process. In Problem Solving and Decision Making Frameworks, you will learn decision making processes that help you to achieve ethical, systemic, sustainable and creative outcomes. Click here for course offerings through Royal Roads University or click here to make an individual inquiry.

Course Description:

In an increasingly fast paced corporate landscape, decision making processes are under pressure.  Reconciling the costs associated with employee health and performance with the financial demands of running a profitable yet socially conscious organization is a long-standing, systemic challenge.  Solving this kind of multi-faceted organizational challenge demands a different way of thinking altogether. In this session, leaders will gain a solid grasp of organizational structures and systems, the effects of change on both human and organizational behavior, and insight into and experience with a variety of problem solving and decision making processes.


  • From Problem to Decision: The Link Between Problem Solving and Decision Making Processes
  • The Great Debate: Strategic Use of the Assumption Destroyer
  • Grand Problems and Great Decisions
  • Problem Solving and Group Decision Making Theory
  • Navigating Emotional and Cognitive Barriers to Problem Solving
  • Avoiding Groupthink in Decision Making

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