Energy Management

If you are ready to balance work and life…

Energy Management will introduce you to the tools and principles necessary for thriving, not just surviving, in the workplace.  Too often, when the demands of work and life seem insurmountable, we turn to unsustainable and barrier-focused solutions. When stress mounts, we tend to simply ‘work harder.’

Downsizing and re-engineering efforts often result in longer hours and increased workloads in order to achieve greater efficiencies.  Without investing in a process of replenishing and renewing personal resources, our gas tank reaches empty and we find ourselves running on fumes, damaging the engine permanently.

Dr. Jennifer Walinga of Royal Roads University and Integrated Focus Consulting will illustrate the costs associated with work/life imbalance. We will then tackle the challenge of shifting ingrained coping styles and behaviours to generate more self-sustaining strategies.

Using the power of focus, you will learn the art and science of penetrating barriers and unlocking more creative and sustainable strategies for achieving optimal energy in work and life.

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  • Work is Life Too!
  • The Perfect Human System
  • The System at Work
  • Self Leadership
  • The Human Generator Pack
  • Stress Systems: The Stress ‘Drill Down’
  • Managing Your Mental and Physical Systems
  • Energy Sources and Renewal Rituals

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Challenge the boundaries of traditional workplaces and inspire employees in the process.
  • Optimize time and resources so that you are energized by your challenges, not drained by them
  • Develop integrated plans of action so that you can focus on your purpose and direction
  •  Foster a trusting and collaborative culture so that you can attract the best in the field

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