Communicating for Clarity and Impact

If you are ready to make an impact…

You understand that writing, speaking, and presentation skills have the power to engage, move, and transform  an audience. Inquire about Communicating with Clarity and Impact:  Professional Writing, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.

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Course Overview:

  • The tools and principles of writing, speaking and presenting
  • The 5 C’s of effective communication
  • Overcoming performance anxiety
  • Media enhanced communication
  • Professional writing skills (letter, essay, report, proposal)
  • Professional speaking skills (speech, pitch, interview)
  • Professional presentation skills (PowerPoint, demonstration, instruction)

Learning Outcomes:

  •  Learn and apply the tools and principles of writing, speaking and presenting
  • Generate clear, cogent writing using the power of focus, structure, and flow
  • Structure and focus your talk to ensure maximum engagement and retention
  • Penetrate anxiety barriers to reveal your most powerful personal style
  • Design effective and memorable presentations utilizing a variety of media


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