An Evening of Women in Leadership

Each year, on International Women’s Day, Jennifer Walinga, Professor of Communication and Culture at Royal Roads University, offers a free talk on Women in Leadership. During this interactive evening session hosted at RRU’s Quarterdeck, Walinga provides an update on the status of women in leadership and challenges the participants to problem solve barriers to a more inclusive, balanced, and diverse society in all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Jennifer draws from her personal experience working with communities of leaders across public, social profit and private sectors and shares examples of creative and courageous breakthroughs. Shifting culture demands clarity of purpose, creativity, and courage. But most importantly perhaps for women, culture change demands collective will and collaboration. At this session you will learn to navigate the culture of your organization, recognize the power of community and connection, and speak your unique values and goals while fostering positive social change. Create an environment of inclusion that embraces and leverages diversity. Inspire and mentor those around you to build new systems and structures that foster equality and opportunity for all.

Thur March 5th 2020 7pm Quarterdeck (Grant Bldg) Royal Roads University * donations to KidSport are welcome!

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