Fear, Failure and F*cking Up: Victoria’s F*ck Up Night

Victoria ‘f**kup’ event shines a light on failure Victoria event helps to remove the stigma and isolation from screwing up NINA GROSSMAN Feb. 27, 2019 4:30 p.m. ENTERTAINMENT LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT F**kup Nights shines a light on failure, helping the speaker and the audience learn from screw-ups. (From left to right: Richard Eaton (speaker), Ian Chisholm (Co-founder), Jennifer Walinga (speaker), Jim Hayhurst (Co-founder) and Ken Wylie (speaker)).

Blog Post: Safer Sport is not Boring Sport: Challenging The Myth of Machismo in Sport

rugby straight arm

There is nothing better than a great tackle! The intensity, power, and aggression is thrilling! The Safesport movement, on the surface, seems to threaten this intensity. Some interpret a safer sport environment as boring, more careful, less intense, a sanitized version of sport that focuses on ‘participation ribbons’ for all. What the Safesport movement also seems to reveal is our infatuation with violence and our assumption that violence is a necessary element of sport. Some sport leaders argue that violence is an acceptable norm in…

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