Dr. Jennifer Walinga offers facilitation for a variety of team or organizational goals including Change, Decision Making, Strategic Planning, Team Development, Collaboration, Communication, Culture, Engagement

Team and Individual Coaching

If you are ready to optimize your performance…”Coach Jen” has worked with individuals, teams (both athletic and organizational), and organizations to help them penetrate barriers and achieve their goals.

The Corporate Athlete

If you are ready to take it up a notch … and realize the Corporate Athlete within, in this special suite of services, Integrated Focus Consulting offers a unique series of workshops, keynotes, courses and experiential learning sessions that highlight the values and principles sport can teach individuals, teams and organizations.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

If you are ready to solve tough problems… an integrated organizational strategy requires an integrated strategic framework. In Problem Solving and Decision Making Frameworks, you will learn decision making processes that help you to achieve ethical, systemic, sustainable and creative outcomes.

Managing Change

If you are ready to navigate the whitewater of change…Join Integrated Focus in Managing Change to access and maximize the creative tools, energy, and skills you possess to generate productive and sustainable change management solutions for yourself, your team and your organization

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