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Be-Longing in Sport: Inclusion Incorporated


Values Based Teams


cultivate your culture podcast

Sport, Leadership and Social Change Webinar Series


Join us for this interactive webinar series as we critically examine how leadership, communication, and sport intersect to influence our culture and impact social change. Sport has been a platform for addressing crises of power, gender, and race, not to mention a global pandemic, and has brought into focus a need for change. Political, cultural, humanitarian, and health pressures have challenged the sports community to rethink the role and power of sport within society. Each episode will aim to shed light on the ways sport…

Linking Arms Against Power Imbalance and Abuse in Sport: Rowing Canada Aviron

Launch rowing hocr 2022

Members of Rowing Canada Aviron including former board members, clubs, universities, provinces, associations, and national team athletes and alumni recently mobilized their collective voice and rights to enact change across their national sport organization. After a series of abuse and negligence claims beginning in 2017 and exposed in Rubin Thomlinson’s Independent Review, 3 directors of the RCA Board resigned citing values misalignment. Twenty-one member clubs and universities (20% of the membership) acted in accordance with Canada’s Not for Profit Act to requisition a special meeting…

Podcast: Mental Health for Performance


“The real leading factor are the core values of commitment to each other and discipline and a culture of respect, of authenticity really sharing who you are, being who you are, but also managing and respecting the diversity of the group. And that was central to our philosophy that no one person is more important than another. And that’s just shaped my whole theory around leadership.” – Dr. Jennifer Walinga If you are here to learn about leadership, teamwork and success from the inside…

Problem Solving and Decision Making


If you are ready to solve tough problems… an integrated organizational strategy requires an integrated strategic framework. In Problem Solving and Decision Making Frameworks, you will learn decision making processes that help you to achieve ethical, systemic, sustainable and creative outcomes.

Managing Change


If you are ready to navigate the whitewater of change…Join Integrated Focus in Managing Change to access and maximize the creative tools, energy, and skills you possess to generate productive and sustainable change management solutions for yourself, your team and your organization

Energy Management


If you are ready to balance work and life… and are ready to get more out of both, join us for our 1 or 2 day intensive Energy Management Programs. It’s time to think differently about work/life balance. After all, work is life too!

Discovering Your Leadership


If you are ready to lead from your strengths … in this session, Olympic rower Dr. Jennifer Walinga will demonstrate how productive the leadership/sport metaphor can be for personal and team development, and optimal performance.

Performance Coaching


If you are ready to foster optimal performance… Performance Coaching enables participants to explore their individual philosophy of leadership coaching, and practice coaching skills with others.

Building Effective Teams


If you are ready to collaborate, communicate and connect … Learn how to find strength in diversity by applying key frameworks and achieving key team competencies including: clarity of purpose, connection to core values, commitment to collaborative process, and increased confidence and capacity to achieve team goals.

Communicating for Clarity and Impact


If you are ready to make an impact… writing, speaking, and presentation skills have the power to engage, move, and transform an audience. Communicating with Clarity and Impact: Professional Writing, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills custom courses offered at your organization or through the contract training department at Royal Roads University, Victoria BC

Creativity and Innovation


If you have always understood that optimal performance demands creativity, innovation, and insight join Dr. Jennifer Walinga of Royal Roads University and Integrated Focus Consulting for Creativity and Problem Solving: Getting Everyone Out of the Box

Performance Coaching & Training


Achieve Triple Bottom Line Solutions with an Integrated Focus

Keynotes and Motivational Speaking

Engaging Talks On Creating Positive Change

If you are ready for new ideas… Dr. Jennifer Walinga has presented at a number of conferences and events internationally on her research as well as her professional and athletic experiences. She is happy to speak on a wide range of topics including positive change, values based leadership, optimal performance and the power of innovative thinking.

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